Thursday, April 5, 2007

Zensar Technologies forms JV with Japan-based EZA

IT and BPO solutions provider Zensar Technologies Limited is forming a joint venture with Tokyo-based IT firm EZA Limited to create Zensar Advanced Technologies to further strengthen its footprint in the emerging Japanese market. The transaction would involve the transfer of all EZA’s existing order book, employees, technology, and intellectual property to the newly formed joint venture.

EZA was incorporated in 1996 and had a turnover of $4.2 mn in 2006, and brings in over 10 years of strong industry experience in Japan. The company has over the years developed products in media server, digital appliances and security space. Its customers include NEC, Japan Railways and Unisys and other retail customers. Having gained technology and domain expertise pertaining to mobile terminals over the years, EZA is now focusing to enter the digital home appliances and security markets.

Read the article in Business Standard.

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