Thursday, April 5, 2007

ICICI Bank re-jigs i-banking operations

India’s largest private sector bank ICICI Bank has restructured its investment banking division, giving it a ‘global’ appellation and new functional lines. The reason cited for the exercise has been the global opportunities emerging through Indian corporates, and the bank’s need to grow beyond trade finance and working capital to corporate advisory, deal origination and M&A funding. Investment banking provided roughly 30% of ICICI Bank’s profit of Rs. 2285 crores in the nine months to December 31, 2006.

The restructuring of i-banking operations has been as follows: Corporate Products & Investment Banking Group has been renamed as the Global Investment Banking Group (GIBG). ICICI Securities, the existing wholly-owned investment banking arm of ICICI Bank, will now focus only on equity markets and research. The investment banking business of I-Sec will shift to GIBG, while the retail equity brokerage part of ICICI Bank, called, is now a part of ICICI Securities. GIBG will have three groups under it: Global Structured Finance & Advisory Group (GSFAG), Financial Institutions and Syndications Group (FISG) and International Syndications Group (ISG).

GSFAG will be responsible for banking products across India and all international markets. FISG will work with GSFAG and ISG for domestic syndication, and with the Balance Sheet Management Group for resource-raising and securitization. It will handle the needs of financial institution clients. For deals where the approving authority requires an amount of the facility to be sold-down or syndicated in the domestic market, the FISG will approve the terms of the facility. It will also originate deals for sell-downs directly, along with GSFAG. FISG will include the Capital Markets Division and the Global Custodial Services Group of the bank. ISG will work with GSFAG and FISG for all international syndications of corporate issuances for Indian as well as international clients. It will approve terms for sell-downs / syndications in the international market and also, along with GSFAG originate deals directly for the specific purpose of sell-downs.

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