Friday, March 28, 2008

SEBI's effort at decoupling

With all the theorist of decoupling debating on it's merits, SEBI seems to be finding a way to implementing it.

SEBI is proposing a margin payment from Institutional Investors from April 21 onwards.

Only Korea & Taiwan, of all Asian markets, require margins on high beta stocks.
The other spin to the story could be "Level Field", with retail,HNI and corporates having to pay 50% margin in the cash markets. With the proposed upfront T+1 margin collection, trading churn will reduce due to a portion of funds locked in margins. Is this an attempt to regulate financial markets to avoid slingers? May be. But the consequence is on risk, as conservative institutions like pension funds will be unwilling to pay advance for shares (margin payment on T+1, shares received on T+2).

The move is finding supporters (though from conservative folks ). Abhay Aima, Equity Head of HDFC says "Fair move, as more players come in & risk rises, market needs safeguards". Ved Prakash Chaturvedi, MD, Tata AMC says "This will reduce the amplitude of swings"

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