Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PE-VC funds may be deemed FDI

According to a latest draft put up on RBI site for public comment, various classes of investors have been broadened with specific mention of PE & VC funds.
"Secondly, the details of investment received in units of venture capital funds from FVCIs are proposed to be separately captured."

Details of investment received from foreign venture capital investors are also proposed to be captured separately. Part B of Form FC-GPR has been modified to capture details of such foreign investors. The date of filing Part B of the form has been extended from June 30 of every year to July 31.

FDI is permitted under automatic & approval route. An Indian company issuing shares and convertible debentures to non-residents under either route is required to submit details of the investment in a two-stage reporting procedure.

In the first stage, receipt of funds is to be reported to RBI within 30 days. In the second stage, the company has to file Form FC-GPR with RBI within 30 days from the date of issuing shares/convertible debentures.
Form FC-GPR was revised in April 2007 by which remittance receiving Indian banks were required to obtain a KYC report on the foreign investor from the overseas bank remitting the amount.
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