Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PE Funds Waiting For Bargains

Mint here is first with a story on what was expected. PE deals down, but funds sure that companies are undergoing customary 3-4 month valuation adjustments before they line up for funds.

Also, Richard Heald, partner and MD of NM Rothschild and Sons. “During this period (of declining stock valuations), there will be more PIPE (private investment in public equity) transactions happening globally.”

“Deal prices remain high,” said John Levack, MD,Electra Partners Asia Ltd, "we will stay away from the Indian market and concentrate on deal opportunities in some other Asian markets in the short term".

Manu Punnoose, chief executive of PE fund Subhkam Ventures, added that “PE will get larger stakes (in pre-IPO deals)…but the holding time will be longer, around 3-4 years”. Nitin Deshmukh, head of Kotak Private Equity Group. “From a momentum play, we are getting into a value play.”

For more opinions on PE trends go to Mint Article

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