Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bharati Shipyard buys out UK-based shipyard company Swan Hunter

India’s second-largest private sector shipbuilder Bharati Shipyard is acquiring UK-based Swan Hunter Shipyard for an undisclosed amount. The entire machinery and equipment from Swan Hunter will be dismantled and brought to India over six months to be re-built at Bharati’s shipyards. The acquisition might be one of the biggest deals till date in the domestic shipbuilding industry. A comparable new shipyard would have cost Rs. 200-250 crores.

Swan Hunter is a 130-year old shipyard engaged in shipbuilding, ship conversion and construction of offshore structures. It has built over 1600 ships of various types, including more than 400 naval vessels, which includes two aircraft carriers. Swan Hunter has the capacity to build vessels of up to 100,000 dead weight tonnes (DWT).

Through this acquisition, Bharati Shipyard is expected to have fully automated panel line, quayside traveling gantry cranes of up to 180-tonne capacity, 30 overhead traveling cranes of up to 60-tonne capacity, plate rolls, bending presses, robotic profiling machines, and digitally fed plasma burning equipment. This will enable Bharati to build ships and vessels with the capacity of up to 60,000 DWT. Bharati will also acquire the 20,000-ton lift capacity floating dock of Swan Hunter, which will add a lot of value to its existing operation.

Read more in the Business Standard article.

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