Monday, March 12, 2007

M&M makes open offer of Rs. 490 crores to public shareholders to acquire Punjab Tractors

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited made a Rs. 490 crores ($110 mn) open offer for a further 20% in Punjab Tractors Limited and its subsidiaries, as required by law after it won the bidding for a 43.3% stake last week.

Mahindra, India's top tractor and utility vehicle maker, and subsidiary Mahindra Holdings & Finance Limited are buying stakes held by private equity firm Actis and the Burman family in a deal that values Punjab at nearly Rs. 2200 crores.

In a newspaper advertisement, Mahindra made an offer to buy up to 12.15 mn shares from shareholders of Punjab Tractors, which makes tractors and farm equipment at Rs. 360 a share, the same price that it agreed to pay for the 43.3% stake. Separately, Mahindra made an offer to buy almost 480,000 shares, or 20%, in Swaraj Automotives Limited, in which Punjab Tractors owns 24.2%, at Rs. 244 per share. Mahindra also made an open offer to buy 20%, or 2.48 mn shares in Swaraj Engines Limited, in which Punjab Tractors owns 33.2%, at Rs. 151 a share.

The financing of the three offers would be through internal accruals and/or corporate borrowings. The offers open on May 3 and close on May 22.

Read the article in The Economic Times.
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