Wednesday, February 7, 2007

EMC Corporation buys Hyderabad-based data security company Valyd Software

US-based IT firm EMC Corporation has acquired Hyderabad-based Valyd Software for an undisclosed sum. Valyd is an unlisted, IP-driven, enterprise data security company. It will now become part of EMC's security division. Valyd's products will be integrated to EMC’s global product offering. Valyd will bring to the board two specific enterprise data protection products, namely, the file security manager and the data security manager. These will come under the fold of RSA, a key global acquisition made by EMC in the information security domain.

Valyd was founded in 1998 and came out with its products in 2001. Post acquisition, Valyd founders Srinivas Sreeramaneni and Anil Meka will continue to oversee operations at Valyd. The company has over 50 engineers in the security software solutions space and the EMC acquisition will lead to a quick doubling of headcount by the end of 2007.

Read the article in The Economic Times.

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