Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Ybrant Technologies in acquisition talks with 7 more US firms post MediosOne-acquisition

E-marketing solutions company Ybrant Technologies is in talks with seven US companies for acquisitions to expand its offerings in the e-marketing space. It had recently acquired MediosOne, an Internet advertising network focused on a global consumer base. The acquisition of MediosOne gave Ybrant the required push into South America, Europe and it will also help Ybrant enter the Indian e-marketing space.

Suresh Reddy, co-founder and chairman of Ybrant Technologies says that he wants to acquire at least one company in each of the five different e-marketing tools.

Ybrant’s development centre at Hyderabad has 200 people working on various development tools and has about 15 different platforms catering to Internet and other marketing requirements. With almost 200 clients in its kitty, primarily in the US, Ybrant has lined up exciting growth plans.

Read the Business Standard article for more details.

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